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On 7th and 8th October 2011, Sahabat Al-Qur’an (SAQ) were organizing a program “Ini Sejarah Kita”.This event was held at Kuang Resort,Selangor.

The objectives of these programs are:
1. To increase awareness of self ma’rifat..
2. Develop the potential and the characters within..
3. Train Naqibah to be excellent while carrying the Al-Qur’an during the halaqah..
4. Increase the knowledge and student engagement in learning specific seerah Muslims start from the missionary of the Prophet Muhammad..
5. Expose to the students of the origins of tauhid that has been inherited since childhood..
6. Increase the commitment of nuqaba SAQ to continue in office naqibah with a strong desire and strength sufficient,,

Our program started with a open slot discussion.The title of this slot is “Siapa Kita?” In these slot we started with ta’ruf session and 2 simple games.And also we had explores evidence Qur’an in Surah Al-A’raf and discussions about it.

On the next day,we had Qiamulail and a congregational Subuh prayer..After that we had our breakfast and we went for a swim!The second slot was handled by Dr.Hanim bt Salleh.She emphasize the importance of faith as a tool to understand the religious and historical.At the end of the slot,we had discussion regarding the talk.

After we had our lunch and zohor prayer,we continue with the third slot which was conducted by Mr. Muhammad Reza on the fluctuation of Islam in the sequence of events in the history.Stories like Saraqah bin Naufal, Qiddisiyyah Hijra and the war was shared by the participants to open their eyes about the rise and fall of Muslims.Slot ends with a long video and injected consciousness. Before an end slot, participants were given verbal feedback on what they got from the program.

After Asar,we start move back to Uniten,,We were so happy and hopefully these program will be held again soon..And we can conclude that the objectives of this Jaulah can be achieved..


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