How do u feel today??Is your Ramadan become more and more productive??Alhamdulillah if it is yes…And if still struggling with Ramadan, don’t worry, u still can try your best to overcome your problems.. InsyaAllah,,
How’s your preparation for your final exam??Is everything ok??I wish all of us all the best in your coming final exams,, Break your leg friends!!Don’t give up before we try to do something!!We have to go all out in everything that we do…Today’s topic is about don’t give up!!Allah said that, “Does that they will be leave by saying that “we believe!!” they will be left without being tested??”(Al-Ankabut 29:2)
Here Allah already said that everyone of us will be tested in our life..Remember, Allah loves us,, Don’t think that He hates us and that’s why he tests us..So, what we should do if we are being tested?? Should we be angry?? Or be sad and give up everything that we have been working for?? NO!! We should sit down and think back,, What went wrong? What have I done?? Is there anything else that I should do??
Don’t you remember that Allah said, “Allah won’t ever change each of you if you didn’t change yourself.”
So, for this coming final exam, we have to work VERY hard!!Don’t ever give up without trying..My friend once said that don’t ever say we don’t know when ever people ask question..Try to solve the problem first..And if you still cannot solve it, tell to that person that we will try to solve it..Did you realize that by saying “I DON’T KNOW” is actually you are giving up?? Once we say “I don’t know” it will become a habit..Which is not good to do that..So,why don’t we start to try to solve any sorts of problems that we face??All the best in your decision..If you still stuck,get help from Him..InsyaAllah,,

As for yesterday’s and today’s advantages of Tarawih are:

“Allah will bestows reward those who pray tarawih as a reward given to Prophet Ibrahim “and “Allah will give rewards and increased the quality of worship His servant as Prophet Muhammad’s”

So,remember..Allah always love us..Don’t stop believing in Allah..InsyaAllah everything will be fine..Salam..