How are u today??it’s already 1 week we have been fasting..Alhamdulillah,, Thanks to Allah we still alive until today..Today our topic is about our favourite place during this special month which is bazaar instead of mosque,, Why people can’t get enough of bazaar?? Is bazaar as a place of providers or a waste?? Well, I’m not trying to say that going to bazaar is a bad..It also convenient for people have to work until late evening.. When we talk about bazaar, people will get excited to buy foods.. By eating a lot during break fast doesn’t gives us benefits.. Well, I have some tips for those who love foods so much…

1) Buy the food that u really want to eat instead of buy everything that you like..
2) Try to cook by urself at least 4 times a day if possible..Buy less outside’s food..
3) Eat less and become healthier..
4) If you want to buy a lot of foods, why not share it with ur family or may be with your friends? like this you won’t waste your foods..
5) why don’t you have iftar at the mosque?? It will be much more barakah..After that you can go and do your maghrib prayers others..
Alhamdulillah..these are just my opinions..If you have any others, feel free to share with us..Last but not least,same like yesterday’s night,the advantage of Tarawih of 7th night:
As if he could meet with Musa a.s and help Prophet against his enemies, Firaun and Hamman”
InsyaAllah,with His willing,we will meet again tomorrow..InsyaAllah,,May He bless us.. =) Good night,,