In our day to day battle to continuously stay productive during Ramadhan, it’s easy to become obsessed with some of the physical productivity issues; how many hours did I sleep today??How many calories did I consume??Did I exercise today??How many weight did i lost until now??

Even though checking the above from time to time is important, remember our physical productivity is only a means and not the end goal itself. In our definition as Productive Muslims: ‘physical productivity is about optimising your physical ability to enable you to serve Allah better and worship Him better.’

What we should be concerned about are the following questions: Did Allah accept my fasting today? Did I pray on time with all the Sunnahs? Did I read Quran today? Did I understand every word? Remember Ramadhan is not about just making it to the iftar table at the end of the day, rather it is about attaining a new level of spirituality with Allah through our act..

Today,Allah give His love all of us,without any hesitation..Do we love Allah as He loves us??Are we willingly to sacrifice for Allah’s sake??Why we always choose someone or something else than Allah??

So my dear friends,we should sit down and think back..About everything that we did,think and many others..If we did something wrong,try our best not to repeat the same mistake..we have to train our self..I agree,its not easy to change but yeah..if we didn’t try,we wouldn’t know rite? =)

For tonight,the advantage of Tarawih is:

“God will give him a reward like the reward of angels in the Baitul Makmur compass and every stone and earth to pray for forgiveness for those who do Tarawih that night.”

May tonight we will do something that we never did before..Who knows,this might be our last Ramadhan..Why don’t we change for good??InsyaAllah..Salam Ramadhan..