As we reach day 4 of ramadan, that means we’ve only got 25/26 days of Ramadan left! It’s important therefore that we spend the last 10-15 minutes of each day of Ramadan reviewing our day and asking ourselves how productive we’ve been. (This could be a simple mental exercise that you do or you actually use pen and paper and write in your daily journal).

If your day was productive, ask yourself: what went right, what were the ingredients that made this day productive? How can I replicate this experience each day? Also don’t forget to thank Allah for blessing you for a productive day.

If it was unproductive, ask yourself what went wrong? How can I avoid such a day ever repeating itself during Ramadan? Ask Allah to help you make your future days productive. Renew your intention and be positive that if you are granted life then the next day will be better.

Today,i’m going to post an advance article about the advantage of 4th night of tarawih..

“Those who perform Tarawih prayers will get a reward as the reward obtained by those who read the books of Torah,the Psalms, the Gospel and Al-Quran”

You want to be constantly developing and improving each day during Ramadan, so that by the last 10 days you’re at your peak inshaAllah!i wish all of us the best in this Ramadhan,,InsyaAllah,,Hope to see all of u at Masjid Uniten tonight..insyaAllah =D Salam..