I always get nervous in last few days before Ramadan..Will I make it? Will you make it?
It’s already 4th day of Ramadhan if you haven’t already sat down with yourself, wrote down your Ramadan goals, and planned your Ramadan hour by hour, this is the time to do this. Don’t delay it before it’s too late..If you need my help,feel free to ask.. =) insyaAllah, I’ll try my best to help you..

As for tonight we have a programme at Masjid Uniten, I urge all of us to go there.Its is very good starting for our Ramadhan..Having Bro Luq to come and give us a talk about “Ramadhan Bulan Keberkatan” its very seldom an occasion like this will be held.. We can take this opportunity to learn something new and try to apply in our daily life especially in this month..insyaAllah..So, what you waiting for? Come and join us there!!

As for today I’m gonna share with you the advantage of tarawih for the 3rd night..
“Angels in the ‘Arasy calling people who do the Tarawih prayer, to continue his prayer on the other nights,so that Allah will forgive their sins”

May our Ramadhan this year better than our previous Ramadhan..If you think it’s not, don’t feel shy to change! If you don’t know what to do, seek for help..All the best pals!!