Syukur Alhamdulillah..without realizing its already the third day of Ramadhan..Today i’m gonna share with you about the advantage of the 2nd day of tarawikh, which is:
“Allah will forgive those who believe who did Tarawih prayers and so their parents”
Subahanallah!!Great grace of Allah..His love to us is uncountable!!He give mercy to everyone without any conditions,,
Prophet Muhammad once said: “Anyone who performed an obligatory during the month (Ramadan), is he as a person who had performed the obligatory 70 months in the other months.”
I hope this month everyone will try their very best to be close as possible to Allah..As he said:
“If a slave closer to Me a span, I draw him a cubit. If you come near to Me a cubit, I approach him sedepa. If he comes to Me walking, I’ll to run to him.” (Bukhari)
So my dear friends, grap this golden opportunity…When there is a will, there is a way!!Best of luck!!