Dari Abdullah bin Mas’ud, katanya:”Bahawa Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda: “Tiap-tiap Nabi yang diutus sebelum saya mempunyai pengikut-pengikut dan sahabat-sahabat yang terpilih dari umatnya masing-masing; mereka itu berpegang kepada contoh Nabinya dan menuruti perintahnya; kemudian setelah zaman itu berlalu mereka disambung oleh generasi yang hanya pandai berkata, tetapi tidak bekerja,dan bekerja tetapi tidak menuruti pedoman-pedoman Nabinya. Sesiapa menentang kaum itu dengan kekerasan, mu’minlah ia, menentangnya dengan perkataan, mu’min pula, dan menentangnya dengan hatinya mu’min juga; dan telah habislah iman dari orang-orang yang tidak menentang kemungkaran, walaupun dengan hatinya.”

(Riwayat Muslim)

Perjuangan melawan kemungkaran adalah menjadi dasar utama para nabi dan orang-orang yang beriman. Nabi Muhammad saw, seperti halnya nabi-nabi sebelumnya, menghadapi berbagai kesukaran sepanjang hidup baginda. Baginda berkorban meninggalkan harta dan berhijrah ke Madinah demi kelangsungan dakwah Islam.

Ini disebutkan di dalam al-Quran yang bermaksud :”Sesungguhnya, orang-orang yang beriman, berhijrah dan berjihad di jalan Allah, mereka itu mengharapkan rahmat Allah dan Allah Maha Pengampun lagi Maha Penyayang.” (al-Baqarah: 218)

Sebagai balasan atas pengorbanan tersebut, Allah memberikan khabar gembira dengan limpahan kebaikan dan rezeki di dunia. Hal ini disebutkan di dalam al-Quran yang bermaksud: “Sesiapa yang berhijrah di jalan Allah, nescaya mereka mendapati di muka bumi ini tempat hijrah yang luas dan rezeki yang banyak. Sesiapa yang keluar dari rumahnya dengan maksud berhijrah kepada Allah dan Rasul-Nya, kemudian kematian menimpanya (sebelum sampai ke tempat yang dimaksudkan), maka sungguh telah tetap pahalanya di sisi Allah. Dan adalah Allah Maha Pengampun lagi Maha Penyayang..”(an-Nisaa:100)

Sesungguhnya orang yang benar-benar beriman sama sekali tidak merasa takut atau gementar apabila menghadapi musuh. Semuanya adalah kerana keyakinan pada Allah bahawa Dia sentiasa bersama orang-orang yang benar seperti mana firman Allah S.W.T yang bermaksud: “Jikalau kamu tidak menolongnya (Muhammad) maka sesungguhnya Allah telah menolongnya (iaitu) ketika orang-orang kafir (musyrikin Mekah) mengeluarkannya (dari Mekah) sedang dia salah seorang dari dua orang ketika keduanya berada dalam gua, di waktu ia berkata kepada temannya, ‘Janganlah kamu berduka cita, sesungguhnya Allah bersama kita.’ Maka Allah menurunkan ketenangan-Nya kepada (Muhammad) dan membantunya dengan tentera yang kamu tidak melihatnya, dan Allah menjadikan seruan orang-orang kafir itulah yang rendah. Dan kalimat Allah itulah yang tinggi. Allah Maha Perkasa lagi Maha Bijaksana.” (at-Taubah: 40)

إِنَّ الَّذِينَ آمَنُواْ وَالَّذِينَ هَاجَرُواْ وَجَاهَدُواْ فِي سَبِيلِ اللّهِ أُوْلَـئِكَ يَرْجُونَ رَحْمَتَ اللّهِ وَاللّهُ غَفُورٌ رَّحِيمٌ
Sesungguhnya orang-orang yang beriman, orang-orang yang berhijrah dan berjihad di jalan Allah, mereka itu mengharapkan rahmat Allah, dan Allah Maha Pengampun lagi Maha Penyayang
(Surah Al-Baqarah 2: Ayat ke 218)

Sumber : iLuvIslam.com


On 7th and 8th October 2011, Sahabat Al-Qur’an (SAQ) were organizing a program “Ini Sejarah Kita”.This event was held at Kuang Resort,Selangor.

The objectives of these programs are:
1. To increase awareness of self ma’rifat..
2. Develop the potential and the characters within..
3. Train Naqibah to be excellent while carrying the Al-Qur’an during the halaqah..
4. Increase the knowledge and student engagement in learning specific seerah Muslims start from the missionary of the Prophet Muhammad..
5. Expose to the students of the origins of tauhid that has been inherited since childhood..
6. Increase the commitment of nuqaba SAQ to continue in office naqibah with a strong desire and strength sufficient,,

Our program started with a open slot discussion.The title of this slot is “Siapa Kita?” In these slot we started with ta’ruf session and 2 simple games.And also we had explores evidence Qur’an in Surah Al-A’raf and discussions about it.

On the next day,we had Qiamulail and a congregational Subuh prayer..After that we had our breakfast and we went for a swim!The second slot was handled by Dr.Hanim bt Salleh.She emphasize the importance of faith as a tool to understand the religious and historical.At the end of the slot,we had discussion regarding the talk.

After we had our lunch and zohor prayer,we continue with the third slot which was conducted by Mr. Muhammad Reza on the fluctuation of Islam in the sequence of events in the history.Stories like Saraqah bin Naufal, Qiddisiyyah Hijra and the war was shared by the participants to open their eyes about the rise and fall of Muslims.Slot ends with a long video and injected consciousness. Before an end slot, participants were given verbal feedback on what they got from the program.

After Asar,we start move back to Uniten,,We were so happy and hopefully these program will be held again soon..And we can conclude that the objectives of this Jaulah can be achieved..


How do u feel today??Is your Ramadan become more and more productive??Alhamdulillah if it is yes…And if still struggling with Ramadan, don’t worry, u still can try your best to overcome your problems.. InsyaAllah,,
How’s your preparation for your final exam??Is everything ok??I wish all of us all the best in your coming final exams,, Break your leg friends!!Don’t give up before we try to do something!!We have to go all out in everything that we do…Today’s topic is about don’t give up!!Allah said that, “Does that they will be leave by saying that “we believe!!” they will be left without being tested??”(Al-Ankabut 29:2)
Here Allah already said that everyone of us will be tested in our life..Remember, Allah loves us,, Don’t think that He hates us and that’s why he tests us..So, what we should do if we are being tested?? Should we be angry?? Or be sad and give up everything that we have been working for?? NO!! We should sit down and think back,, What went wrong? What have I done?? Is there anything else that I should do??
Don’t you remember that Allah said, “Allah won’t ever change each of you if you didn’t change yourself.”
So, for this coming final exam, we have to work VERY hard!!Don’t ever give up without trying..My friend once said that don’t ever say we don’t know when ever people ask question..Try to solve the problem first..And if you still cannot solve it, tell to that person that we will try to solve it..Did you realize that by saying “I DON’T KNOW” is actually you are giving up?? Once we say “I don’t know” it will become a habit..Which is not good to do that..So,why don’t we start to try to solve any sorts of problems that we face??All the best in your decision..If you still stuck,get help from Him..InsyaAllah,,

As for yesterday’s and today’s advantages of Tarawih are:

“Allah will bestows reward those who pray tarawih as a reward given to Prophet Ibrahim “and “Allah will give rewards and increased the quality of worship His servant as Prophet Muhammad’s”

So,remember..Allah always love us..Don’t stop believing in Allah..InsyaAllah everything will be fine..Salam..

How are u today??it’s already 1 week we have been fasting..Alhamdulillah,, Thanks to Allah we still alive until today..Today our topic is about our favourite place during this special month which is bazaar instead of mosque,, Why people can’t get enough of bazaar?? Is bazaar as a place of providers or a waste?? Well, I’m not trying to say that going to bazaar is a bad..It also convenient for people have to work until late evening.. When we talk about bazaar, people will get excited to buy foods.. By eating a lot during break fast doesn’t gives us benefits.. Well, I have some tips for those who love foods so much…

1) Buy the food that u really want to eat instead of buy everything that you like..
2) Try to cook by urself at least 4 times a day if possible..Buy less outside’s food..
3) Eat less and become healthier..
4) If you want to buy a lot of foods, why not share it with ur family or may be with your friends? like this you won’t waste your foods..
5) why don’t you have iftar at the mosque?? It will be much more barakah..After that you can go and do your maghrib prayers others..
Alhamdulillah..these are just my opinions..If you have any others, feel free to share with us..Last but not least,same like yesterday’s night,the advantage of Tarawih of 7th night:
As if he could meet with Musa a.s and help Prophet against his enemies, Firaun and Hamman”
InsyaAllah,with His willing,we will meet again tomorrow..InsyaAllah,,May He bless us.. =) Good night,,


In our day to day battle to continuously stay productive during Ramadhan, it’s easy to become obsessed with some of the physical productivity issues; how many hours did I sleep today??How many calories did I consume??Did I exercise today??How many weight did i lost until now??

Even though checking the above from time to time is important, remember our physical productivity is only a means and not the end goal itself. In our definition as Productive Muslims: ‘physical productivity is about optimising your physical ability to enable you to serve Allah better and worship Him better.’

What we should be concerned about are the following questions: Did Allah accept my fasting today? Did I pray on time with all the Sunnahs? Did I read Quran today? Did I understand every word? Remember Ramadhan is not about just making it to the iftar table at the end of the day, rather it is about attaining a new level of spirituality with Allah through our act..

Today,Allah give His love all of us,without any hesitation..Do we love Allah as He loves us??Are we willingly to sacrifice for Allah’s sake??Why we always choose someone or something else than Allah??

So my dear friends,we should sit down and think back..About everything that we did,think and many others..If we did something wrong,try our best not to repeat the same mistake..we have to train our self..I agree,its not easy to change but yeah..if we didn’t try,we wouldn’t know rite? =)

For tonight,the advantage of Tarawih is:

“God will give him a reward like the reward of angels in the Baitul Makmur compass and every stone and earth to pray for forgiveness for those who do Tarawih that night.”

May tonight we will do something that we never did before..Who knows,this might be our last Ramadhan..Why don’t we change for good??InsyaAllah..Salam Ramadhan..


Alhamdulillah..today is the 5th day of Ramadhan..How you feel??Is you day is a productive day??Perhaps the most powerful realisation that a Muslim goes through during Ramadan is the understanding that his time, his prayers, his work, and his life belongs to Allah and should be directed to Him alone..As Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) said:

‘Say: “Truly, my prayer and my service of sacrifice, my life and my death, are (all) for Allah, the Cherisher of the World’.(Surah Al-Anaam,162)

Therefore, our productivity and efforts, should be directed to Him and to what He is pleased with. Sometimes we just do actions for the sake of it, and don’t really consider the intention behind it yet we know our actions are judged by the intention..

As for today i’m gonna share with you what our Prophet Muhammad’s did in order to stay healthy..

1)Always get up early before Subuh prayers to do some sunnah prayers and Subuh prayers in congregation..
2)take care of his hygiene..”Bath on Friday is required for each adult. Likewise, brushing teeth and wearing sweet-scent.”(Narrated by Muslim)
3)He didn’t overeating..Prophet says: “We are people who will not eat before feel hungry and we will not eat too much (not until satiation).”
4)Love to walk..He always walk to mosque,market,visiting His friends and everywhere else,,
5)He is very patient..This reflects the fact that health and strength of Muslims is not located on the body, but rather the purity..
6)He never feels jealous..”Ya Allah,purify my heart from the nature of my mazmumah and gives mahmudah characteristics in me.”
7)Mild..Clement is a property which is required for heart and soul of peace..An apology is good but forgiving is the best..

I hope today’s post will gives us benefits to get through our Ramadhan better than before,,InsyaAllah,,Lastly,i wanna share the advantage of Tarawih for the fifth night,which is:

“Allah will grant such rewards reward those who pray in the Masjidil Haram, the Mosque of Medina and Al-Aqsa Mosque.”

May tomorrow be better than today,better than 2 days ago..InsyaAllah.. =)


As we reach day 4 of ramadan, that means we’ve only got 25/26 days of Ramadan left! It’s important therefore that we spend the last 10-15 minutes of each day of Ramadan reviewing our day and asking ourselves how productive we’ve been. (This could be a simple mental exercise that you do or you actually use pen and paper and write in your daily journal).

If your day was productive, ask yourself: what went right, what were the ingredients that made this day productive? How can I replicate this experience each day? Also don’t forget to thank Allah for blessing you for a productive day.

If it was unproductive, ask yourself what went wrong? How can I avoid such a day ever repeating itself during Ramadan? Ask Allah to help you make your future days productive. Renew your intention and be positive that if you are granted life then the next day will be better.

Today,i’m going to post an advance article about the advantage of 4th night of tarawih..

“Those who perform Tarawih prayers will get a reward as the reward obtained by those who read the books of Torah,the Psalms, the Gospel and Al-Quran”

You want to be constantly developing and improving each day during Ramadan, so that by the last 10 days you’re at your peak inshaAllah!i wish all of us the best in this Ramadhan,,InsyaAllah,,Hope to see all of u at Masjid Uniten tonight..insyaAllah =D Salam..


I always get nervous in last few days before Ramadan..Will I make it? Will you make it?
It’s already 4th day of Ramadhan if you haven’t already sat down with yourself, wrote down your Ramadan goals, and planned your Ramadan hour by hour, this is the time to do this. Don’t delay it before it’s too late..If you need my help,feel free to ask.. =) insyaAllah, I’ll try my best to help you..

As for tonight we have a programme at Masjid Uniten, I urge all of us to go there.Its is very good starting for our Ramadhan..Having Bro Luq to come and give us a talk about “Ramadhan Bulan Keberkatan” its very seldom an occasion like this will be held.. We can take this opportunity to learn something new and try to apply in our daily life especially in this month..insyaAllah..So, what you waiting for? Come and join us there!!

As for today I’m gonna share with you the advantage of tarawih for the 3rd night..
“Angels in the ‘Arasy calling people who do the Tarawih prayer, to continue his prayer on the other nights,so that Allah will forgive their sins”

May our Ramadhan this year better than our previous Ramadhan..If you think it’s not, don’t feel shy to change! If you don’t know what to do, seek for help..All the best pals!!

Assalamualaikum wbt..


Kami SAHABAT CICU UNITEN akan mengadakan..






4 OGOS 2011 bersamaan 4 RAMADHAN 1432M

Bagi mengimarahkan Masjid Uniten dan permulaan dalam mengikuti sunnah Rasullah SAW di bulan Ramadhan Al- Mubarak ini. Semoga sama-sama kita memperoleh keberkatan dalam meningkatkan ketaqwaan diri kita pada ALLAH SWT di bulan penuh rahmat, keampunan & barakah ini.amin..

(kpd yg hdir spjg MABIT hingga QIAMULLAIL)


Sekian, terima kasih.

Tentatif :

0630 – 0000 : Bubur Lambuk distribution

0945 – 1000 : Moreh (Terawih)

1000 – 1015 : Pendaftaran Malam Bina Iman Dan Takwa (MABIT)

1015 – 1100 : Pengisian tazkirah oleh Bro Luq : Ramadhan Bulan Keberkatan

1100 – 1115 : Jamuan ringkas / Moreh (MABIT)

1115 – 1145 : Tadarus & Tafsir Al-Quran

1145 – 0400 : Kembara Mimpi

0400 – 0500 : Qiamullail

0500 – 0530 : Sahur

0530 – 0600 : Solat Subuh Berjemaah & Mathurat

Ramadhan bulan pembersihan jiwa~

Jumpa anda disana =)


Syukur Alhamdulillah..without realizing its already the third day of Ramadhan..Today i’m gonna share with you about the advantage of the 2nd day of tarawikh, which is:
“Allah will forgive those who believe who did Tarawih prayers and so their parents”
Subahanallah!!Great grace of Allah..His love to us is uncountable!!He give mercy to everyone without any conditions,,
Prophet Muhammad once said: “Anyone who performed an obligatory during the month (Ramadan), is he as a person who had performed the obligatory 70 months in the other months.”
I hope this month everyone will try their very best to be close as possible to Allah..As he said:
“If a slave closer to Me a span, I draw him a cubit. If you come near to Me a cubit, I approach him sedepa. If he comes to Me walking, I’ll to run to him.” (Bukhari)
So my dear friends, grap this golden opportunity…When there is a will, there is a way!!Best of luck!!

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